Clearwater Capital Partners believes that Asian economies are at a point where investment value – and the value added to investments – comes from an ability to help company owners and management deal with over-indebtedness or a poor capital structure.

To achieve this, Clearwater further believes that the mandate to make decisions must reside in local markets, where significant differences exist across often-complex regulatory, legal and political jurisdictions. From offices strategically located in Hong Kong, Singapore, Mumbai, Seoul, Chongqing and Connecticut, Clearwater's employees currently represent the firm with at least 18 nationalities and 21 languages. Drawing on the country-specific knowledge it has accumulated, the firm has achieved the position of being consistently sought after for its demonstrated restructuring expertise and execution capabilities in complex situations across currencies and cultures.

Clearwater's efforts to cultivate a uniquely trained and experienced investment team are another essential component of its investment philosophy. Selectively recruited, "best-in-class" personnel are welcomed to the firm in relative proportion to rapidly expanding special situation opportunities in the firm's targeted, high-growth economies. By continually enhancing the depth of its capabilities, particularly in research and asset management, and availing itself of state-of-the-art systems, structures and controls, Clearwater seeks to identify, develop and nurture balanced positions characterized by stable, steady returns and targeted upside potential.