Fera Capital Corporation Clearwater Capital Partners

Clearwater Capital Partners' principals have over 50 collective years of experience in the region. As a result, few firms have developed the resources necessary to work with owners and management of target investments and to most optimally influence the long-term outcomes of restructurings – a key element of Clearwater's strategy.

Clearwater further distinguishes its approach by focusing on small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Asian region – opportunities often denominated in local currencies, of longer duration and/or requiring complex settlements – a niche market generally characterized by less competition and more favorable pricing. The nature of these SMEs requires extensive due diligence and rigorous bottom-up, proprietary analysis of individual concerns and/or asset portfolios, enabling Clearwater to identify investments in companies that are financially distressed but operationally sound.

Increasingly, Clearwater's local presence – coupled with its global restructuring and portfolio management expertise – has facilitated collaborative efforts among and access to investment opportunities originating with business intermediaries throughout major sources within the region, including brokers, investment bankers, industry consultants, attorneys, accountants, local and foreign banks, and governments. These relationships, combined with the firm's experience with company owners and management teams, enable Clearwater to facilitate consensus building and shape often complex restructurings acceptable to numerous constituencies as the firm seeks to optimize resolutions and, ultimately, realizations of its investments.